Changeset [4be235a962d6cb37722a16f539edae7ad8e315b5] by Ed Finkler

August 13th, 2010 @ 04:14 PM

A ton of work to replace most JazzRecord storage with LawnChair; added simple $L() helper for localization (doesn't do it yet, tho)

Committed by Ed Finkler

  • A app/models/Tweets.js
  • A app/views/spaz.usermenu.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/Lawnchair.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/AIRSqliteAdaptor.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/AIRSqliteAsyncAdaptor.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/CookieAdaptor.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/DOMStorageAdaptor.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/GearsSQLiteAdaptor.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/LawnchairAdaptorHelpers.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/UserDataStorage.js
  • A vendors/lawnchair/adaptors/WebkitSQLiteAdaptor.js
  • M app/controllers/spaz.controller.js
  • M app/models/
  • M app/spaz.js
  • M app/views/spaz.accountprefs.js
  • M app/views/spaz.conversation.js
  • M app/views/spaz.timelines.js
  • M app/views/spaz.tpl.js
  • M index.html
  • M spazcore/spazcore-air.js
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